1. The name of the organization shall be the Kansas Mathematical Association of Two Year Colleges.  (KAMATYC)


  1. To provide the two year college math instructors with a means of identifying and working on issues of mutual concern.
  2. To cooperatively work with other professional associations and institutions concerned with mathematics at all levels in order to provide the best possible curriculum in the state of Kansas.
  3. To promote improved teaching and understanding of mathematics.


  1. Anyone interested in two year college mathematics instruction in the state of Kansas shall be an active member upon payment of dues.
  2. The membership year will be from spring conference to the following spring conference.


  1. The officers of this organization shall be:
    1. President
    2. President-elect
    3. Secretary
    4. Treasurer
  2. The president-elect shall succeed to the presidency.  The retiring president shall be a member of the Executive Board for two years.  The secretary and treasurer may succeed themselves.  Upon approval of a majority of the active members, the president may succeed himself or herself for one term only; in this event, the president-elect will retain his or her office for that additional term.
  3. The duties of the officers shall be:
    1. The president shall preside over meetings of the Executive Board and the General Assembly; appoint the standing committees and name a chairperson for each subject to the approval of the Executive Board; be ex-officio member of all standing committees; and be the executive officer of the Association before the public, either personally or through delegates, and shall perform the usual other functions attributed to the office.
    2. The president-elect shall serve as vice-president of the Association and shall perform the usual duties attributed to this office.  The vice-president shall be the program chairperson.
    3. The secretary shall keep accurate minutes of all the meetings of the Executive Board and General Assembly; maintain official files; assist the president with Association correspondence, mail or email to all voting members an official ballot before October 15, keep all ballots cast until confirmed by the Executive Board in the next meeting, report to all members the results by mail or email by November 30.
    4. The treasurer shall be responsible for the funds of the Association and disburse them upon authorization by the Executive Board.  The treasurer shall collect dues; maintain a roll of members; make a list of members available to the secretary; keep accurate accounts of the receipts of the Executive Board.  The treasurer shall serve as chairperson of the budget committee.
  4. The term of each office shall be for two years.
    1. New officers and members at large will take office on January 1 following the election.
    2. If a vacancy occurs in the office of president, the president-elect shall become president.
    3. If a vacancy occurs in any other elected position, the Executive Board shall appoint a successor.  An appointed president-elect cannot succeed to president without being duly elected.


  1. The association shall be governed by the Executive Board.
  2. The Executive Board shall consist of the elected officers, the immediate past president and two members at large elected by the voting membership and the chairperson of each standing committee.
  3. The Executive Board shall be responsible for approving standing committees and chairperson, serving as the budget committee, approving all expenditures within the budget, carrying out policies established by the general assembly; determining dues and fees, deciding dates and arrangements, of meetings of the general assembly; notifying members by mail or email at least one month prior to a meeting of the General Assembly.
  4. The Executive Board meetings will be called by the president with at least one month notice.
  5. A quorum shall consist of at least five members of the Executive Board.
  6. To pass a decision by telephone, mail, or email, over half of the Board must approve.
  7. The immediate past president shall advise the Executive Board and assist the president at the latter's request.


  1. Standing committees shall be the program committee to be chaired by the president-elect, a budget committee to be chaired by the treasurer, a nominating committee and membership committee of which chairpersons shall be named by the president.
  2. Other committees shall be appointed by the president as needed.
  3. Chairpersons shall report as necessary to the Executive Board.


  1. The General Assembly shall be composed of all active members.
  2. This Association shall have one regular meeting each year.  Other meetings shall be determined by the Executive Board.
  3. A simple majority may declare a meeting adjourned.
  4. A secret ballot or roll call vote may be called for by any member.  Such a vote may be determined by a simple majority of the members present.
  5. The membership present at the General Assembly shall constitute a quorum.
  6. New members paying dues before or at any meeting shall be allowed to vote at that meeting.


  1. All members of the Executive Board except chairpersons of standing committee shall be elected by a mail or email ballot of the voting membership.
  2. The election ballot shall contain the names of the candidates for officers as well as the two members at large for the Executive Board nominated by the nominating committee and those nominated by a petition containing at least 10% of the total ballot of members of the Association.  The ballot shall specify which names have been placed in nomination by the nominating committee.
  3. The nominating committee will prepare its slate of officers prior to September 15.
  4. The ballot shall be mailed or emailed to the membership by the secretary prior to October 15.
  5. Those ballots received by the secretary prior to November 1 shall be the only ones counted.
  6. Election shall be a plurality.  In case of a tie, a run-off election will be held.


  1. The current edition of Roberts Rules of Order shall be the parliamentary authority for the Association on all questions not covered by the constitution and such standing rules as the General Assembly may adopt.


  1. The General membership may adopt amendments to this constitution by a simple majority of those voting by email or at any regular meeting of the Association.

Last Revised:  3 March 2012

History of the KAMATYC Constitution